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Roll of Honour: 1914-1918 and 1939-45

In 2008 local historian Bill Webb decided to do this piece of research as a result of printing the parish magazine Border News.  The printing is done next to the 'Roll of Honour' in the North Aisle of Llangarron Church and, as he stood watching the printed copies coming off the machine, he wondered who all these people were, where they lived, what work they did prior to the war and what their connection to Llangarron was. So, he sat down and started to find out. The resulting documents make fascinating reading.

The research has shown that Llangarron was represented in nearly all the stages of the two wars. We have young men who died at the Ypres Salient in the early part of the war, one who died on the first day of the Somme, one who fought at Gallipoli, two who died in horrific medical pandemics probably brought on by war service, two who served in the Camel Corps and one who died in the Tank Corps.

In the Second World War we have one who died at Dunkirk, one in Bomber crew who died in Germany, one who died in the Italian campaign, one who died in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp on the Burma Siam Railway and one who died in the Normandy landings campaign.

Bill has set out his findings in two parts: WW1 and WW2 including the Mosquito Crash in 1944 at Langstone Court in which two men died who are also commemorated in the church. Stan Fryer, who lived in the village for many years with his wife, Mary, witnessed the Mosquito crash and met her on that very day!

We had hoped to provide links to the 2 documents so that they could be downloaded. However, the size of the files proved to be too large to include on the website. To give people an indication of the scope of the 2 documents, we have included links to the index sections (see above WW1 and WW2) which will enable you to see if members of your family have been documented.

Please note that Bill has tried to keep the spelling the same as in the original documents which is why Llangarron is frequently spelt as Llangarren.

If you would like a DVD of either document or have any information that may shed more light on these remarkable people, please contact Bill Webb on 01989 770555.

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