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St Deinst Church - Church Repairs

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Church Repairs

In 2020, a programme of urgent repairs was planned at St Deinst’s, because the stonework and pointing had deteriorated, resulting in loose stones in the tower and spire which risked falling and causing injury to visitors or damaging the nearby listed monuments. The Quinquennial survey also highlighted other urgent repair work to the roof and windows to prevent the increasing ingress of water into the church. This was causing the church to be cold and damp, putting off visitors, and also threatening the long term survival of the building.

A plan was created to:


  • Make the building safe with no more falling masonry, so visitors can enjoy the church and its grounds as a safe place for peaceful reflection

  • Repair areas of the roof and windows, making the building warm, dry and welcoming, encouraging its continued use for a full programme of community events

  • Ensure the long term future of the church so it can continue to serve the village and be appreciated for its beauty and historic interest for generations to come.


A fundraising campaign was carried out to help raise the £116,000 required for these essential works. Thanks to the support of many donors, and despite the many challenges and delays caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, the repairs were able to be carried out in 2022.

In addition to thanking members of the community for generously giving their time and financial support, the PCC would like to acknowledge with gratitude the following grants 


  • £37,440 grant by the National Churches Trust, from the Heritage Stimulus Fund, part of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund

  • £8,000 from Hereford Historic Churches Trust

  • £7,500 from Wolfson Foundation

  • £6,000 from Llangarron Community Association

  • £1,000  from the Laslett Trust  

  • £18,000 from the Listed Places of Worship Scheme



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